Day Care

We understand that family or work commitments can make it hard to find a place where you can leave your loved ones in capable hands and provide them with the comfort they deserve. We also understand that as we grow older, it can be hard to find social, mental and physical stimulation while being in a safe, relaxed setting.

We offer Day Care to individuals that wish to join us during the day but not stay overnight. Day care residents may choose to join us for a bath and a spot of tea, for lunch or dinner or for a full day. During their day they will have a chance to dine in a sociable setting, join in in the activities and games at the home and benefit from care in a safe, respectful setting. Most of all, we hope they will have fun.

Day care can make a huge difference to our loved one’s well-being.

Prices start from £27.50 for a full day, to include lunch and joining in on all activities during the day.
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